Balls Out 250 March 19 BARSTOW, CA

Well, it's almost race time once again.  Our competition in class 1450 seems to have a few new racers as of 2/27/2011:

1496 Rhonda Koch Parkhouse*
1461 Ryan Greene
1459 Spencer Smith
145? Matthew Maher
1491 Ernie Serfas* ------------- R/S
1466 Mike Hobbs* --------------- R/S
Don't recall racing against the 1459 truck or Maher... 
We'll be last off the line with the first rear start. 
I choose the rear start to make it easier to keep track of 
our overall position during the race.
Since it looks like we won't be able to race every race this year
we will be going for a win or at least a top two finish.
No need to save the truck for the next race 'cuz we don't know when
that will be. 
Our crew as of right now is Mario and Bill working the pit.
Kenny Nav/co-driver.
Hoping to get some of my old dirtbike day guys to show up.
Bob and flat track Phil have been tapped but it's unclear as of right
now if they will show.
1466 is ready to race for the most part just needs a nut and bolt check. 

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