Adrenaline is the drug of choice

Its two days after the race and I still can't sit still with adrenaline pulsing threw my veins.  The Balls Out 250 didn't go as planned but this doesn't discount the "rush" of racing.  I still think Allen Phluger said it best "Off-Road racing is like a plane crash that takes 24 hours"

Most of you reading this know what I'm talking about and if you don't, please don't try it, you'll be hooked.  As far as I know there's no rehab for the adrenaline junky but if there is, the meetings would be more entertaining than any late night TV show.

In my adrenaline bliss I need to come back to reality...


  1. ha I have never seen someone cry as much as you do! its called racing you pussy. You need to either suck it up and deal with your mistake, because clearly you were the one driving with NO mirrors and as truck #58 was passing your slow ass, you came over on them and whipped out the whole back of their truck. Orrrr you need to get your veryyyy slow 150hp truck off the track and place it in the junkyard where it belongs! So enough with all this bullshit about bills and emails and actually confront them at the race WHEN it happened!

  2. So, you finally woke up! Confront a truck on its roof!? You guys didn't even make it over the Ant hill. MORE was informed when this incident happened. Calling me a pussy takes balls on your part. Get ready amigo, I've just begun.

  3. One of the reasons I checked with the underground was to see if you had any experience driving. You are a hack at best.

    My truck is slow that's why I race MORE. You have a TT why don't you race SCORE? I'll tell you why. No talent.

    No need for mirrors with a siren up your ass. If you lack the off-road knowledge of racing that's your problem George. I'm not going to roll my truck so you can destroy your rig a few miles later.

  4. ihatestupidppl56587, you should really run what you have to say by George. I just got off the phone with him and claims no responsibility for what you've said. Now, if you want to call me a pussy in person. I'm ready, are you!?

  5. yeahhh no talent huh! they went from sixth to first in half a lap! hahahaha im ready. are you? how old are you?? oh and when i do beat your ass are you going to run to this site again and cry about it??

  6. I don't hide who I am. Who are you? Trust me on this! You have no clue of what's going on. Might have an idea of who you are but lets see if you have the balls to revel it.

    I'm 45 years old. Don't play with old men. Come out from the shadows and revel yourself.