Full Circle

It's funny how life works sometimes.  Not that I believe in Karma or any such crap but it does seem that once in a while things kinda' sort themselves out.  For example, the wall falling over in my backyard due to a windstorm.  That itself is just how things go sometimes.  Here's where it gets good...

Talked to Allstate, my homeowners insurance and they want a contractor to give me an estimate for what it will cost to fix the block wall.  My brother and brother-in-law are both contractors so I gave them a call.  Both are too busy to mess with it.  OK, time for the yellows pages.  After leaving 5 or 6 messages without a call back.  Really?  I thought folks were starving for work and no one calls me back!?  It seems to me more folks have jobs than the press reports.

Anyway, as I'm trying to figure out who can I call that wants some insurance work I start thinking... Hey, a lot of off-roaders also do construction work.  Maybe I'll post something on the message boards to keep the job in the off-road family.

At about the same time that thought entered my head another one also stormed in...

That Trophy Truck that I had "contact" with at the last MORE race is a contractor and my crack staff has already done the leg work on the company and it has a good reputation for solid work.  Since I already have the phone number of the owner, I called.  George called me back in a few minutes.

It looks like George and I will meet in person, he'll be at my house tomorrow. If that's not full circle, I don't know what is.

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