Way too much going on...

Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.  This is the case right now.  Need to spend a bunch of time on the race truck and am looking forward to it.  But, have other coals in the fire that need to be dealt with first.  Tons of things around the house need attention before they go south.  Back shower is leaking and needs to be resealed, the yard needs to be mowed and plants need to be taken care of...   Have a lot of other things that need to be done but this is off the top of my head.

(Note to self) The garage needs to be organized again, as well. 

Besides this, it looks like the MORE 500 contingency will be held at Kenny's property on Camp Rock Rd.  Racetog Team, we might need help with this!  In addition to this, folks are fighting on "your" behalf to keep us racing with MORE and in the Mohave Dezert.  I'm in the loop with these stand up persons and will post post updates as they are available.

Oh yeah, forgot about this one... I gotta' show up at work and, work.

Yep, everyday life gets in the way of fun from time to time.

Here's a relaxing video I took from last weekend while Trout fishing:

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