Sage my German Shepherd blogs once again

I had to edit this since Sage is German with a Russian accent.

Geez, had a tough day today, they served my food way too early.  One of the humans gets up in the middle of the night and leaves.  After a power nap, I'm ready to play but can't find anything to chase in the backyard.  Here's my plan, grab the ball and head into the house.  They are suckers when I bring the ball in.  Wait a minute (Interpretation, since dogs live in the moment, this is relative)

They have this pesky thing at the door that for some reason blocks me.  I can see inside but can't get in.

My paws are not just for walking!  After smacking the door a few times the other human shows up.  I'm in!  After tossing the ball in the air a few times it seems this one is out of it...

Oh well, time for a nap anyway.

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