German Shepherd that blogs

Sage here, those goofy humans left the back door open so I came in and jumped on the computer.  Don't think I damaged it but after getting a text from one of my German line counterparts saying "You are a big sissy!"  I had to reply.

It took some barking and digging up a few plants but got my way.  One of the humans has something that films me attached to his head.  Don't think he's a cyborg but not sure at this point.  I've heard him tell the other human that they'd like to put it on me but I'm not down with that just yet.

Anyway, the pack leader filmed me doing some protection work.  This is not my best work since they kept me on a leash and yanked me back just when I was a having fun.   Pretty sure I have the pack leader convinced to let me off the leash to strut my stuff.

A new video is in the works, I can't wait!  Crap, gotta' run, someone just drove up the driveway.

Sage out!

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