Racetog.com going back to our roots

Update: Looks like we won't need to set up lights after all.  Acquired a Nikon D5100 and our test photos and video in low light show promise.  We have also volunteered to help M.O.R.E at the race: Spotter at mile 28 to 32---Mike Hobbs  I have a pretty good idea of where we'll be filming but you never know what will be going on during the race that might need us elsewhere.

As we work on #1466 and get it ready to race again we are just having fun with other things.  So, we are going to film and photo the: MORE Freedom 250
July 16, 2011 Barstow, CA

Our plan is to set up lights so we can get video and photos of you in the dark.

This is a working document and will be changed as time allows.

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