Dentist or buying a used car...

Its no big secret that healthcare in the United States is broken.  I'm not sure what the answer is but even with health insurance you'd better have deep pockets.

While brushing my teeth the other day I noticed a cavity.  Heck, it's been a while so decided to call Cunning Dental Group   9595 Central Ave Montclair, Ca, after hearing how good they were on the radio.  What I received in return was sleazy at best.

After X-rays a nice Dr. evaluates my situation.  Bad news, you need a root canal and deep cleaning. Ok, let's do the cleaning today and figure out the other work that needs to be done.  Slam on the brakes!  The finance gal needs to talk with you first.

20 minuets later...  A well dressed woman shows up and asks me to follow her to an office.  Umm, I've not even had my teeth cleaned yet but, ok.  Than the negotiations begin and go into the used car salesman realm.  "Your insurance covers cleaning but not deep cleaning"  "You are looking at $3100 out of pocket for everything that needs to be done, how'd you like to pay for that?"

I have insurance and the cleaning should be covered, I replied.  "Well, the cleaning is covered but this and that add on are not".  Then things really go into the used car mode!  "Let me go and check with my supervisor to see if we can give you a discount".  A few minutes later the well dressed woman comes back in.  "We had a cancellation and if you can come back in a few hours we'll clean your teeth today."  At this point I'm done with Cunning Dental Group as they want over $400 out of pocket just to clean my teeth.  Did I mention I have insurance!

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