The engine is out of the Toyota off-road race truck

Well, the broken engine is out of the #1466 Toyota off-road race truck.  Now it's time to put the new engine in...  But first, we must address a few other issues.  Motor mounts are broken again, a shock looks to have gone south on us and the header is broken once again.

It looks like we are going to install the "Bomb Proof" motor mounts made by Trail Gear since the stock mounts even with chains attached keep failing.  We could just box weld the stock mounts so they never break again but this will cause a failure somewhere else.  Something I've learned racing this truck for the past 4 years is when you build part of the truck so it cannot fail another part down the line will.

The Trail Gear motor mounts seem to be tough yet still offer some bushing movement.  They also have a lifetime "no questions asked" warranty.  The bit of movement should help not to wreck something else down the line. 

We will rebuild the shock but the dang oil is $32 a gallon from King shocks.  Sure wish I know of a place to get it for less, but don't.

That poor header on the Toyota has taken a beating and seen a lot of welding and should be replaced. Not this time, we'll weld it up again and see what happens.

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