MORE Freedom 250 and taking care of things

The 2011 MORE Freedom 250 is in the history books.  After two and a half months I finally got Grant Tucker the decals he bought from me.  Those dang stickers are well traveled.  Gave them to Kenny before the last MORE race when he came by my house so he could give them to Grant...

They missed each other at that race so the decals were residing in the high desert.  Grant and Brian also stopped by my house after a Glen Helen race a week later.  Sorry, no decals.  Grant was a good sport about the whole thing.  Here's a clip of Grant getting his stickers: 

MORE does a very nice job of holding off-road races and the Freedom 250 seems to have went well.  Here's eight and a half minutes of video from the race:

Now, I need to get #1466 ready to race again.  I've been saying this for months but really mean it this time.  Kenny has said he'll give me a hand changing the engine out.  Going to give him a call today and make it happen.  We are going to race in Dec some how some way!  Being on the sidelines is just not cutting it!

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