The Toyota 22re engine is going in

The spare Toyota 22re engine is almost in the race truck after Bill pressure washed the truck.

  We had a a cool looking Center Force racing clutch that was on the engine and after a few busted knuckles trying to get the engine and transmission to mount up, we measured it.  Well, our mix and match combo of Toyota parts didn't work.  Put the old clutch back in, it worked fine before so all should be good.  The engine and transmission are now one...

On to mounting the new motor mounts...  More busted knuckles was the theme for the day.  Theirs zero tolerance installing the motor mounts and have had the same problem in the past.  After a bunch of ideas and funny joking going around it was time for a beer and reflation...   

I'll head back up to Kenny's shop next week so we can finish the job.  1466 should be running hear soon!  But wait, another one of my hair brained ideas.  Since we have to paint the door and fenders that were wiped out a while back we are going to paint the entire truck.  Bill wants a neon blue and Kenny wants Orange.  Not sure what color we are going to paint our Toyota off road truck yet...  Just had an idea while wring this.  Maybe an old school tribute to the Ivan Stewart truck from the past?

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