Electric fan going on our 22re Toyota engine

In an effort to get every bit of horsepower out of the Toyota 4 cylinder a electric fan will be installed.  The horsepower gain will only be a few at best but when racing with such a small engine any horsepower gain you can get anywhere is good.

This is a garage racing team folks.  So, I hit the junk yard in search of a fan that we could make work.  What I found was a two speed fan with a shroud for 35 bucks.  A three way switch will work nicely...  Cool race days put it on low and hot race days kick it up to high.  The only problem I see with this logic is if the co-driver doesn't pay attention to the temp gauge.  If that happens we'll be putting another engine in the Toyota.

Kenny had something else going on this weekend so couldn't head up to his shop to work on the race truck but hopefully next weekend.

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