The Old Floor Jack

The Old Floor Jack

This floor jack was given to me around 1990.  It was beat, old, and worn out, yet it still kind of' worked.  It wouldn't go up all the way but did its best to get the load as high as the old timer could lift.

It was retired from service a few years later when it no longer could lift anything and has spent the last two decades sitting outside in the weather.  It was still working but not in the capacity it was designed for.  It was put under my race truck trailer to make it easier to move the trailer around on pavement.  Without any lifting ability the floor jack was done and ready for the scrap yard.

Then, on Sept 11, 2011 with the race truck at a friend's house, I was bored and looking for something to work on, when I saw that old floor jack sitting there...  After a quick look in the garage cabinet I found some motorcycle shock oil.  "Hey, that should work!" "I'll refill the floor jack with that."  In a frantic pace I yanked the pressure washer out to clean the years of neglect off, I wanted to see if this old floor jack could once again, lift.  With a desire that can't be explained it was washed and filled with shock oil.  By the way, is motorcycle shock oil the same as hydraulic floor jack oil?  Don't know but this jack needs to be saved.

Success!  The old floor jack works, once again!  Now at an inspired pace the garage cabinet is hit once again. "I know theirs a NEW can of paint in here somewhere!"  At last, I found the new can of flat black paint.  It's been in there for about a year or so, I shook it well and started to give the old floor jack new life with fresh paint.  Unfortunately, as I spayed over a small area with the Made in China paint, it clogged!

Was it the paint or the floor jack that clogged the paint can?  That's for you to decide.  There was a time when "Made in America" meant making things to last was the standard.  By gosh I think this old floor jack has proven its self and it will now take a front row seat in the line of floor jacks I use.


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