SCORE Off road racing photos from Baja, Mexico

Race girls, Baja Mexico

These are poster size images of women that hang out at off-road events in Baja, Mexico

The Old Floor Jack

The Old Floor Jack

This floor jack was given to me around 1990.  It was beat, old, and worn out, yet it still kind of' worked.  It wouldn't go up all the way but did its best to get the load as high as the old timer could lift.

It was retired from service a few years later when it no longer could lift anything and has spent the last two decades sitting outside in the weather.  It was still working but not in the capacity it was designed for.  It was put under my race truck trailer to make it easier to move the trailer around on pavement.  Without any lifting ability the floor jack was done and ready for the scrap yard.

Then, on Sept 11, 2011 with the race truck at a friend's house, I was bored and looking for something to work on, when I saw that old floor jack sitting there...  After a quick look in the garage cabinet I found some motorcycle shock oil.  "Hey, that should work!" "I'll refill the floor jack with that."  In a frantic pace I yanked the pressure washer out to clean the years of neglect off, I wanted to see if this old floor jack could once again, lift.  With a desire that can't be explained it was washed and filled with shock oil.  By the way, is motorcycle shock oil the same as hydraulic floor jack oil?  Don't know but this jack needs to be saved.

Success!  The old floor jack works, once again!  Now at an inspired pace the garage cabinet is hit once again. "I know theirs a NEW can of paint in here somewhere!"  At last, I found the new can of flat black paint.  It's been in there for about a year or so, I shook it well and started to give the old floor jack new life with fresh paint.  Unfortunately, as I spayed over a small area with the Made in China paint, it clogged!

Was it the paint or the floor jack that clogged the paint can?  That's for you to decide.  There was a time when "Made in America" meant making things to last was the standard.  By gosh I think this old floor jack has proven its self and it will now take a front row seat in the line of floor jacks I use.


Toyota Hooker Header "Competition" 22RE

Update on the Hooker Toyota 22RE header:
Hooker Header does not make a header for the 22RE. They only have a header for the 22R... Amazon made a mistake on their website and will let me return the exhaust header...

Back in the 1980's Hooker Headers were less than good but worked.  So while looking for a new header for our 22RE Toyota race truck I came across the "Competition Hooker Header".  A few clicks of the mouse and it was on its way to be put into service.

My thinking when buying this header was that Hooker has had over 30 years to make a product that was good.  They are still in business so they must be doing something right.

Not so fast bucko!  The competition Hooker Header is made of thicker metal than a stock or run of the mill aftermarket header and would most likely work fine for street use.  For off-road race use? I don't think so...

Notice how the welds don't go all the way around the flange...  I can tell you from experience this would only last one race, if that.

This is another example of the weld not going all of the way around.
Now, what to do?  It looks like flipping a coin and calling heads or tails to keep it or send it back is the best bet.  If I keep it it'll need to be welded so it works.  Not a big deal but it should of been good to go from Hooker.  If I send it back I'll have to weld the old header once again and not sure that old beat up header can withstand it.  Maybe I'll just keep this one and make it work...

2006 Adelanto G.P. Photos

While looking for something I came across a bunch of CD's...  If you raced or know someone that raced the 2006 Adelanto G.P. most likely I have a photo of you, they are just collecting dust here so they are free for personal use.:

I also have a bunch of photos from SCORE Baja races as well.  I'll post those as time allows.

Electric fan going on our 22re Toyota engine

In an effort to get every bit of horsepower out of the Toyota 4 cylinder a electric fan will be installed.  The horsepower gain will only be a few at best but when racing with such a small engine any horsepower gain you can get anywhere is good.

This is a garage racing team folks.  So, I hit the junk yard in search of a fan that we could make work.  What I found was a two speed fan with a shroud for 35 bucks.  A three way switch will work nicely...  Cool race days put it on low and hot race days kick it up to high.  The only problem I see with this logic is if the co-driver doesn't pay attention to the temp gauge.  If that happens we'll be putting another engine in the Toyota.

Kenny had something else going on this weekend so couldn't head up to his shop to work on the race truck but hopefully next weekend.

The Toyota 22re engine is going in

The spare Toyota 22re engine is almost in the race truck after Bill pressure washed the truck.

  We had a a cool looking Center Force racing clutch that was on the engine and after a few busted knuckles trying to get the engine and transmission to mount up, we measured it.  Well, our mix and match combo of Toyota parts didn't work.  Put the old clutch back in, it worked fine before so all should be good.  The engine and transmission are now one...

On to mounting the new motor mounts...  More busted knuckles was the theme for the day.  Theirs zero tolerance installing the motor mounts and have had the same problem in the past.  After a bunch of ideas and funny joking going around it was time for a beer and reflation...   

I'll head back up to Kenny's shop next week so we can finish the job.  1466 should be running hear soon!  But wait, another one of my hair brained ideas.  Since we have to paint the door and fenders that were wiped out a while back we are going to paint the entire truck.  Bill wants a neon blue and Kenny wants Orange.  Not sure what color we are going to paint our Toyota off road truck yet...  Just had an idea while wring this.  Maybe an old school tribute to the Ivan Stewart truck from the past?

This sums it up

The engine is out of the Toyota off-road race truck

Well, the broken engine is out of the #1466 Toyota off-road race truck.  Now it's time to put the new engine in...  But first, we must address a few other issues.  Motor mounts are broken again, a shock looks to have gone south on us and the header is broken once again.

It looks like we are going to install the "Bomb Proof" motor mounts made by Trail Gear since the stock mounts even with chains attached keep failing.  We could just box weld the stock mounts so they never break again but this will cause a failure somewhere else.  Something I've learned racing this truck for the past 4 years is when you build part of the truck so it cannot fail another part down the line will.

The Trail Gear motor mounts seem to be tough yet still offer some bushing movement.  They also have a lifetime "no questions asked" warranty.  The bit of movement should help not to wreck something else down the line. 

We will rebuild the shock but the dang oil is $32 a gallon from King shocks.  Sure wish I know of a place to get it for less, but don't.

That poor header on the Toyota has taken a beating and seen a lot of welding and should be replaced. Not this time, we'll weld it up again and see what happens.

Dentist or buying a used car...

Its no big secret that healthcare in the United States is broken.  I'm not sure what the answer is but even with health insurance you'd better have deep pockets.

While brushing my teeth the other day I noticed a cavity.  Heck, it's been a while so decided to call Cunning Dental Group   9595 Central Ave Montclair, Ca, after hearing how good they were on the radio.  What I received in return was sleazy at best.

After X-rays a nice Dr. evaluates my situation.  Bad news, you need a root canal and deep cleaning. Ok, let's do the cleaning today and figure out the other work that needs to be done.  Slam on the brakes!  The finance gal needs to talk with you first.

20 minuets later...  A well dressed woman shows up and asks me to follow her to an office.  Umm, I've not even had my teeth cleaned yet but, ok.  Than the negotiations begin and go into the used car salesman realm.  "Your insurance covers cleaning but not deep cleaning"  "You are looking at $3100 out of pocket for everything that needs to be done, how'd you like to pay for that?"

I have insurance and the cleaning should be covered, I replied.  "Well, the cleaning is covered but this and that add on are not".  Then things really go into the used car mode!  "Let me go and check with my supervisor to see if we can give you a discount".  A few minutes later the well dressed woman comes back in.  "We had a cancellation and if you can come back in a few hours we'll clean your teeth today."  At this point I'm done with Cunning Dental Group as they want over $400 out of pocket just to clean my teeth.  Did I mention I have insurance!

MORE Freedom 250 and taking care of things

The 2011 MORE Freedom 250 is in the history books.  After two and a half months I finally got Grant Tucker the decals he bought from me.  Those dang stickers are well traveled.  Gave them to Kenny before the last MORE race when he came by my house so he could give them to Grant...

They missed each other at that race so the decals were residing in the high desert.  Grant and Brian also stopped by my house after a Glen Helen race a week later.  Sorry, no decals.  Grant was a good sport about the whole thing.  Here's a clip of Grant getting his stickers: 

MORE does a very nice job of holding off-road races and the Freedom 250 seems to have went well.  Here's eight and a half minutes of video from the race:

Now, I need to get #1466 ready to race again.  I've been saying this for months but really mean it this time.  Kenny has said he'll give me a hand changing the engine out.  Going to give him a call today and make it happen.  We are going to race in Dec some how some way!  Being on the sidelines is just not cutting it!

Looking forward to the MORE Freedom 250 Off-Road Race

Looking forward to the MORE Freedom 250 Off-Road Race

Wish we were racing but #1466 is still being prepared to race again.  Instead of racing, we are going to help with race security at the 2011 MORE Freedom 250.  Our area of covarage will be Race miles 28-32.  This section is just north of Hodge Rd to just before start/finish.

My other objective is to film this race.  I have a bunch of ideas for cool shots and video of this race. So, while in this area, remember a camera of some kind is filming you.  Don't go big or go home, just give me something to film. ;)  

Robby Gordon Disqualified from Baja 500 2011 Video

This is not the first time SCORE's Sal Fish has had to waive a finger at Robby Gorden. Gorden, the well known NASCAR racer while competing in the 2011 Baja 500 off-road race was disqualified after his second incident OF IMPROPER FINISH LINE CONDUCT

Robby Gorden donuts clip one:

Robby Gorden donuts clip two:  

Will Sal Fish bend and let Robby race again?  I'd say yes since Robby Gorden is such a huge name.  Also, one might consider this a publicity stunt on the behalf of Gorden.

The Robby Gorden energy drink "SPEED" is only available at limited locations across the U.S. going back to our roots

Update: Looks like we won't need to set up lights after all.  Acquired a Nikon D5100 and our test photos and video in low light show promise.  We have also volunteered to help M.O.R.E at the race: Spotter at mile 28 to 32---Mike Hobbs  I have a pretty good idea of where we'll be filming but you never know what will be going on during the race that might need us elsewhere.

As we work on #1466 and get it ready to race again we are just having fun with other things.  So, we are going to film and photo the: MORE Freedom 250
July 16, 2011 Barstow, CA

Our plan is to set up lights so we can get video and photos of you in the dark.

This is a working document and will be changed as time allows.

German Shepherd that blogs

Sage here, those goofy humans left the back door open so I came in and jumped on the computer.  Don't think I damaged it but after getting a text from one of my German line counterparts saying "You are a big sissy!"  I had to reply.

It took some barking and digging up a few plants but got my way.  One of the humans has something that films me attached to his head.  Don't think he's a cyborg but not sure at this point.  I've heard him tell the other human that they'd like to put it on me but I'm not down with that just yet.

Anyway, the pack leader filmed me doing some protection work.  This is not my best work since they kept me on a leash and yanked me back just when I was a having fun.   Pretty sure I have the pack leader convinced to let me off the leash to strut my stuff.

A new video is in the works, I can't wait!  Crap, gotta' run, someone just drove up the driveway.

Sage out!

Sage my German Shepherd blogs once again

I had to edit this since Sage is German with a Russian accent.

Geez, had a tough day today, they served my food way too early.  One of the humans gets up in the middle of the night and leaves.  After a power nap, I'm ready to play but can't find anything to chase in the backyard.  Here's my plan, grab the ball and head into the house.  They are suckers when I bring the ball in.  Wait a minute (Interpretation, since dogs live in the moment, this is relative)

They have this pesky thing at the door that for some reason blocks me.  I can see inside but can't get in.

My paws are not just for walking!  After smacking the door a few times the other human shows up.  I'm in!  After tossing the ball in the air a few times it seems this one is out of it...

Oh well, time for a nap anyway.

Sage my German Shepherd wanted to blog

Took Sage out for a video shoot today...

Since she has her own trading card it seems its gone to her head so figured I'd let here post...

Humans are kinda strange but you gotta' love 'um.  Sure they do weird things but if you just let them think they are in charge they'll give you kibble anytime you want.

While at the park today my human didn't realize all of the great smells I had to smell.  They just don't get it. Anyway, have a paw massage appointment so have to run.  Also, the mailman will be stopping by and need to bark at him.  Its not that I dislike him or anything, its just the way things work.

Your in good hands with Allstate Homeowners Insurance

We've all seen the commercials of Allstate coming to the rescue when Allstate insurance is held by the homeowner when disaster strikes.  Unfortunately, this is not the case when you really need them.   Take a look at this video clip from my backyard when a wall fell over:

Allstate homeowners insurance just called and said this is not covered!

I've been with Allstate insurance for 20 years and they bail out when I need them most?

Are you really in good hands with Allstate?  Nope.

Working on the race truck...

Bill and Mario showed up to lend a hand working on the race truck.  He's a picture of Bill grinding on the header.  Once we welded the cracks it was put back in the truck to see if maybe just maybe that the knocking sound we heard was due to massive exhaust leaks...

 No such luck but now we know for sure the Toyota 22RE in the race truck is toast for sure.  Bottom end is way gone.  Looks like we are fishing for a V-6 since we don't have faith in the 22RE spare engine that was about to be put in the truck. 

Full Circle

It's funny how life works sometimes.  Not that I believe in Karma or any such crap but it does seem that once in a while things kinda' sort themselves out.  For example, the wall falling over in my backyard due to a windstorm.  That itself is just how things go sometimes.  Here's where it gets good...

Talked to Allstate, my homeowners insurance and they want a contractor to give me an estimate for what it will cost to fix the block wall.  My brother and brother-in-law are both contractors so I gave them a call.  Both are too busy to mess with it.  OK, time for the yellows pages.  After leaving 5 or 6 messages without a call back.  Really?  I thought folks were starving for work and no one calls me back!?  It seems to me more folks have jobs than the press reports.

Anyway, as I'm trying to figure out who can I call that wants some insurance work I start thinking... Hey, a lot of off-roaders also do construction work.  Maybe I'll post something on the message boards to keep the job in the off-road family.

At about the same time that thought entered my head another one also stormed in...

That Trophy Truck that I had "contact" with at the last MORE race is a contractor and my crack staff has already done the leg work on the company and it has a good reputation for solid work.  Since I already have the phone number of the owner, I called.  George called me back in a few minutes.

It looks like George and I will meet in person, he'll be at my house tomorrow. If that's not full circle, I don't know what is.

The Summer of House Love...

It seems my obsession of off-road truck racing for the last four years has taken names and come back to bite me.  My house needs a lot of attention and like a woman, if you don't give it any, things go to to hell in a a handbag.

The wall falling over was a wake up call.  Their are a few dedicated to our race team and feel I'm letting you guys down.  We'll be back soon but I have to do what needs to be done around the house.

We've made contact with a Toyota guy that knows his stuff...  In a perfect world, he'd work on the truck as I work around the house.  Nothing is perfect and we'll see what happens.